Sweet Smell of (hunger advocacy) Success


In the better late than never category, I’d like to send out a not-so-gentle reminder on behalf of No Kid Hungry and Share our Strength.

…In just 10 days, this in-constant-action organization will wrap up its October initiative, spurred by two very generous “sugar daddies,” Domino Sugar and C&H Sugar.

Of course, I mean this is in the most positive interpretation of the colloquialism, because these two food industry superpowers have offered a dollar-for-dollar match on October’s Bake Sale No Kid Hungry proceeds.

If  you’ve been itching to get your baking on, NOW is the time to grease those pans, melt that butter and cover the counter in flour. (It’s a good excuse for your kids to make a mess without being scolded too!)


Want to make a stand against hunger? A neighborhood or community bake sale is an effective—and tasty—way to get involved and make a positive impact.

The No Kid Hungry team is happy to receive your Bake Sale contributions all year long, but the promise of matching funds is irresistible—apparently to bakers across the country, who have raised $75,000-plus since October 1. Talk about “sweetening the pot;” at minimum now, a total value of $150,000. This is a big deal at a time when families are facing SNAP cuts along with a generally unstable economic foundation.

Whipping up a bake sale is easier than you think: With one weekend between now and October 31, and plenty of football, soccer and fall ball games happening at parks and schools across the country, you’ve got a captive audience. And, who wouldn’t want to bite into one (or three) of these tasty cupcakes (or these and these!). Click here for a gluten-free option. 

Spreading the word and showing support for food-challenged families through an old-fashioned bake sale is an affordable and fun way to get your community talking about hunger. Having that time and effort rewarded with a matching gift, is the icing on the cake.

Happy Baking!


tweeting for a good cause


Tomorrow is the final leg of United Way Bucks County’s “Buck’s Knocks Out Hunger” campaign. Between 10AM – 1:30PM, volunteers will be packing meals at Ann’s Choice Community Room. The goal is to pack at least 64,000 meals (a meal for every person in Bucks County who is currently “food insecure”) during those hours.

Last Friday, this post went up on the organization’s blog. At this point, I do not have a current tally of funds raised, but based on the nation’s hunger statistics and recent SNAP cuts, this is surely going to be an ongoing effort.

You can help tomorrow in one very simple way: tomorrow, between 10AM – 1:30PM, retweet the #BKOHunger tag when you see it pop up in your feed. Certainly, if you support any local pantry or hunger advocacy group, you’re encouraged to tag them as well. Fighting hunger is a global effort, and every voice (and RT) helps.

I’ll be tweeting remotely about the packing, so if you see something you like, please take a second to hit that retweet tab on your computer or mobile device. The organization has done a great job creating buzz and arranging positive PR opportunities, such as getting legendary boxer Bernard Hopkins to come by on Friday. If you want to stay on top of this creative and ambitious campaign, Facebook is another good resource.