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Which means, shopping till you drop, locally, just got easier—and smarter.

I’m pretty excited, because I was invited to kick off the Guest Post Series. (Check out my fancy new badge below.)

For a half hour or so, I debated whether I should start off with my hometown, or pick another familiar city, primarily because I don’t want to get in trouble with any of the truly great business/owners that I know personally and professionally. However, like you, I am a consumer, and despite the PR/Marketing gig, I am a journalist first, reporting accurately and objectively. And, no one even knew I was doing this, so my picks come with no strings attached. I’m also here to answer any questions about the site, how to sign up, etc. If you’re short on reading time just now, this link will get you to the right spot on the ShopMoxie site for the Cliff Notes version of what this hyper-local cyber venture is all about.

Stay tuned for my Top Philly Picks which will be published at both ShopMoxie and in less than 48 hours. (I better get typing!) The Philadelphia spotlight is part of ShopMoxie’s inaugural Best of the U.S. by Local Bloggers Series.



valley forge flowers

(local spotlight, wayne, pa)

photo 10

A few weeks ago, I was invited for a business bite by one of my favorite gals about town, Susan Scovill. In her delightful femininity, she suggested Valley Forge Flowers, which if you’ve never been, is filled with all kinds of pretty things for home and garden that make you feel good just looking at them. It happened to be a picture-perfect day, with a crisp azure sky and a non-melting temperature.

photo 9  photo 8  photo (3)

I hadn’t been since the holiday season (I know better than to tempt myself—and my wallet), so it was a welcome surprise to see all the gorgeous plants lining the store’s facade. Inside was no less enticing. The quaint cafe with its vast stretch of windows, cozy mix of table-side and banquette seating, rustic decor (I’m a sucker for worn pine) and vintage-looking counter/backsplash had my name written all over it. I especially like that the view from one side of the cafe is floor to ceiling kitchen gadgets, dishes, linens, etc. I felt like I was in an old farmhouse (a REALLY NICE one) with a huge pantry and more cooking items than I could ever use.

Lunch was not as exciting as the decor, but I wouldn’t say it was bad for the price. Just very simple. The chocolate chip cookies that I purchased for my son’s homecoming, however, were delicious. I didn’t realize at the time that soup was available, but after reading the du jour selections, I sense they’re a signature menu item not to missed. At any rate, I had a lovely time taking in all the different views from our table, and snapping photos. (Too bad I didn’t remember to have fun with my Hipstamatic app, as the items and space lends itself very well to that style of photography.) I wanted to buy about 20 things, so I have not allowed myself to go back. Perhaps when I get my shore house rental deposit back in a few weeks…

             photo 1  photo 2  photo 6

I like retail venues that know how to stir your senses at every level. Smith & Hawkin in Rosemont (now The New Leaf Club) used to do that to me as well. I have missed being able to pop in there just for a spirit lift, but now I have a new place to soothe my soul. And, they have wifi (I think!), which makes it an ideal office away from home. Apologies for the photos being just average; I am working on my skills.

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