Typhoon Haiyan Giving Guide


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There’s nothing original about me writing a post on how to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan; lists and links have been circulating all week. But just like many of you, I am walking around with a burning need to act, and unable to stay focused and feel purposeful amidst a constant stream of staggering images, displaced persons stats and death/survival stories. Worse, I can’t convey my empathy to the families and individuals who have lost loved ones, their homes, and in most cases, at this point, their dignity. I can’t help think about the pregnant woman who shared her struggle of finding food to keep herself and her unborn child nourished. Nor can I get my mind off the young children who lost parents, and might be wandering around the streets, completely helpless and alone… babies dying at birth because their would-be moms are suddenly without appropriate medical care. I could go on and on conjuring up images of a life that is happening concurrently with mine. Mine, a life that at this moment boasts ridiculously mundane “problems” such as being behind schedule with a couple blog posts, not having had time to workout this week, and how I am going to pay for the computer my HS senior is begging for this Christmas.

You get the point.

So if all I can do, is compile information on how and where to give, making it as easy as a click for anyone willing to read this post, then I have made a difference. If you think the resources here have value to those in your circles, I hope that you will share this post. More importantly, I hope that you will find a few extra dollars in your piggy bank to donate. World relief organizations are under incredible pressure in regard to Syrian refugees and so many other global aid initiatives; I can only imagine how challenging this new international crisis is and how fretful they are about being able to reach victims before more lives are lost. I am sorry to be a downer, or come off like a bleeding heart liberal… but these people need help. A lot of people need help, I know. But today, the victims of Typhoon Haiyan need it most.

If you have any links to add, please do so via a comment below. Thank you for tuning in.

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This post on People.com highlights several organizations making  appeals via Twitter.

Earlier today, I tweeted this link from nytimes.com, which provides a  comprehensive list of organizations and different ways they’re  collecting funds.

CNN.com also put out an additional list of resources. You’re going to  see duplicates across these lists, but there are a few new names as well.

Via WBTV.com and @AP, I found a few other organizations include AmeriCares, which is preparing to deploy an emergency response team and collecting donations at http://americares.org

Lutheran World Relief has deployed its local staff to stricken areas and is appealing for $2.5 million to aid its recovery effort. To donate, go to http://lwr.org/donate/

American Jewish World Service is collecting money to provide directly to local groups in the Philippines. To donate, go to http://www.ajws.org

ABC-7 in San Francisco put this list of resources out, which includes a link to Google Person Finder and Relief Map.

Since I live in Philadelphia and want the community to know what is happening locally on victims’ behalf, I am also including these links below:


Southeastern Pennsylvania chapter of the Red Cross

Philippine Disaster and Recovery Foundation — Donations to typhoon relief can be made via Paypal at the national federation’s website at www.faapi.org

Finally, I just want to give a shout-out to Geeklist Corps of Developers,  which is working on a collaborative initiative to create technology  that will help coordinate rescue efforts and ensure that emergency  supplies and food get where they need to in an optimum amount of  time. You can read more here.



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