family-friendly grilled pizza five ways

Realized that I was sitting on some pretty tasty recipes over here on the day gig’s blog, so I decided to share the deliciousness. As you’ll read, this post was originally part of a virtual dinner party experiment by a group of Philly Social Media Moms bloggers. There are a number of interesting, easy-to-prepare and family-friendly recipes to click through, so enjoy. And, if you’re up for a virtual dinner party and have room at the “table,” I would be thrilled to join in the fun.

the whole-y grail

This “special feature” post is part of a unique blog collaboration celebrating a passion for breaking bread &, uh, Internet speed (affectionately dubbed, a “perfectly progressive virtual dinner party”). Ready, set, go… start your appetites for family-friendly grilled pizza—five ways. (Photo courtesy of

Looking for something simple to prepare the next time you’re entertaining your tots to teens-toting friends or family? Grilled pizzas are the way to go. Relatively inexpensive (well, unless you’re into artisan or organic ingredients, which if you’re a Philly foodie is very likely), healthy and easy to prepare (we won’t tell if you use store-bought dough!), it’s a safe bet everyone in the house—or backyard—will be fighting over that last slice.


Making the dough is the toughest part of the prep, but it is a worthy endeavor. Plus, the whole family can get involved. (Just don’t forget to make two days ahead.) There are a…

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